We warmly welcome you to the home page of INTEXT companies. Our website is designed for the moment, in three different languages for your choice: English, French and Polish.
You will read about the mother-company from its foundation to the present, the management team with unrivaled commitment and interdisciplinary experience and of course its innovative and competitive products as well as services.
INTEXTS.ORG operates this web site 24/7 to allow you to be close to the challenges of its founder. Feel free clicking any link to read about the way Intext companies are revolutionizing the world we live in through challenging ways. Our proposal is simple: no matter how your idea is connected to our companies, click the language you understand better to read and think of taking part in this revolution via INTEXTS.ORG
After having complied with our
Policy and had a good deal with us, you may see your name or the name of your company under the link Partners.
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